myLittleAdmin for SQL Server 3.8

myLittleAdmin for SQL Server 3.8
myLittleAdmin for SQL Server 3.8

myLittleAdmin provides a reliable, efficient and secure solution to manage SQL Server databases in a (web) hosting environment that has already seduced hundreds of hosting providers and IT companies.

Powerful SQL Server Administration Tool
myLittleAdmin is the first web-based management tool specially designed for MS SQL Server. It fully works with MS SQL Server

2008 and 2008 R2
It allows managing most objects of MS SQL Server databases and servers through a web browser. myLittleAdmin is a stand-alone web application and has been fully integrated with the best hosting control panels, including Parallels Plesk.

myLittleAdmin is a 13-year-old project with a robust and stable kernel. Its interface has evolved all over the years. It offers those who need to manage their MS SQL databases online an amazing experience every day.

Platforms and integration
Technology: .NET technology (C#)
Platform: Windows 2003, 2008, 2012
Web server: IIS 5, 6, 7, 8
Framework : Framework 2.0 and further
SQL server : MS SQL 2005, 2008, 2012 & 2014

Web-based application
myLittleAdmin for SQL Server is a web-based application. It means that it can be accessed from any Internet connected computer anywhere in the world, from work, at home or on the move.

myLittleAdmin has been successfully tested with all the major modern web browsers, including Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera etc.

High level of configuration
Each feature of myLittleAdmin can easily be enabled or disabled so that hosters can choose the functionalities they want to offer to their customers.

An installation and configuration guide is available for download by clicking here : Installation Guide.

Database content management
myLittleAdmin includes a powerful editable datagrid that allows editing and deleting records while browsing your data. MyLittleAdmin also offers the possibilities to export data into XML, XLS and CSV formats.

Server and database objects management
Almost all server and database objects can be managed through myLittleAdmin. It includes the standard objects like tables, views, stored procedures, indexes, constraints, functions, triggers, users, permissions, etc. but also new SQL Server objects like Database Snapshots, Synonyms, Credentials, etc.

A "Quick Start" guide is available for download by clicking here : Quick Start Guide.

Powerful tools and wizards
myLittleAdmin includes several powerful tools and wizards that will help your customers in their daily work.

The "New query" tool allows running T-SQL statements. The "Generate INSERT" wizard offers the possibility to generate T-SQL insert statements for a complete table content in a couple of clicks. Do not miss the other tools: Backup and Restore wizards, CSV import wizard, Shrink wizard, etc.

User friendly interface
myLittleAdmin interface gives the possibility to create and manage your own skins and language packages.

myLittleAdmin is provided with several language packages: English, French, German and Japanese.

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