SQL Delta Duo for SQL Server

SQL Delta Duo for SQL Server
SQL Delta Duo for SQL Server | 30 Mb

All of the SQL Delta Duo Compare tools compare schema and data of two databases. As the name says SQL Delta for SQL Server (SDSS) compares two SQL Server databases. SQL Delta can also generate a synchronization script to update the target database making it the same as the source.

Features Overview

Includes Schema Compare, Data Compare plus Schema and Data display
Supports SQL Server 2000 through to 2014 and Azure
Execute multiple projects simultaneously
Project elements shown in Tabs
Generates single synchronize script ready for deployment
Run change script from SQL Delta
Schema Mapping (Object Owners)
Schema Filtering
On Completion Events
Built-in dependency management
Small footprint

Features of Schema Compare

Comprehensive Schema Display Filters
Generate Schema Snapshots
Compare Schema Snapshots
Schema Difference Reporting
Export deployment script
Deploy changes from SQL Delta

Features of Data Compare

Table and Column Mapping
Apply Column transformations
Data Load filters
Defined your own Key Values or use Primary Key
Selective Column compare
Include Views in Data compare
Export results to file
Report on differences

Schema View
SQL Delta always provided the ability to display the schema of a database or display the data without the need to run a separate application.

With version 6 we have overhauled this feature and provide a tree style display of the database schema and for tables and views a data view.

Schema View also has a script editor so you can run your own scripts against the database, whether these are scripts to display data or scripts that update the schema.

Even use SQL Delta to make changes to your source schema and then run a schema compare project to publish the changes to a target database. All done without the need for a separate tool.

What's Duo
Since version 1 SQL Delta has always performed Schema (structure) and Data compare within the one application. To us this was the most convenient and simple approach to take instead of having two applications perform common compare tasks.

Over the years customers have asked to separate the functions. Primarily they only ever ran one task such as Schema compare and never ran Data compare.

Soon we will be releasing SQL Delta Schema and SQL Delta Data which as the names suggest are stand-alone products. The stand-alone products will continue to feature the View mode so you can inspect your database, schema and data without needing to leave SQL Delta.

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