SciChart Android SDK v3.0.0.4239

SciChart Android SDK v3.0.0.4239
SciChart Android SDK v3.0.0.4239

SciChart for Android v3 is a Feature Rich and powerful OpenGLES 2D & 3D Chart component for Scientific, Medical, Financial and Enterprise apps. Create stunning 2D & 3D charting applications in Java, Kotlin or Xamarin.Android with our award winning, feature-rich android chart library.

All Your Favourite Android 2D Chart Types
Featuring many popular Android and Xamarin.Android 2D chart types, with blistering real-time performance, as well as the ability to create your own.

Android Line Charts
Android Scatter Charts
Android Column Charts
Android Mountain (Area) Charts
Android Candlestick Charts
Android OHLC Charts
Android Error Bars
Android Bubble Charts
Android Heatmap Charts
Android Pie Charts
Android Donut Charts
Android Nested Charts
Android Stacked Column Charts
Android Stacked Bar Charts
Android Stacked Mountain Charts
Android Fan Charts
Android Impulse (Stem) Charts
Android Point-Line Charts
Android Digital (Step) Line Charts
Android Digital (Step) Mountain Charts
Android Digital (Step) Band Charts

What about Android 3D Chart Types?
Build stunning Android Applications with many 3D charts types available out of the box with Java and Kotlin.

Android Simple Bubble 3D Chart
Android Simple Cylindroid 3D Charts
Android Sparse Ellipsoid 3D Charts
Android Simple Point-Cloud 3D Chart
Android Simple Point-Lines 3D Chart
Android Simple Polar 3D Chart
Android Simple Scatter 3D Chart
Android Simple Waterfall 3D Chart
Android Sparse Column 3D Chart
Android Sparse Impulse Series 3D Chart
Android Uniform Column 3D Chart
Android Uniform Impulse 3D Chart
Android Custom Free Surface 3D Chart
Android Simple Uniform Mesh 3D Chart
Android Surface Mesh Floor and Ceiling 3D Chart
Android Surface Mesh Palette Provider 3D Chart
Android Surface Mesh With Contours 3D Chart

Extreme Realtime Performance
For the first time you can create Android Apps which plot many millions of data-points, and still zoom, pan and update interactively!

Benefit from the ultimate efficiency of native-code and GPU-acceleration with our High Performance Android Charting Library. Chart start-up time is instant and our low memory and CPU footprint will improve your overall device battery life and performance.

Make impossible projects possible with our high performance, realtime Android charts.

Unlimited Multiple X, Y Axis
Our Android Chart library features unlimited, multiple X and Y axis.

You can place X-axis at the Top or bottom and Y-axis on the Left or Right. Several axes on one side is also possible.

You can rotate Android charts by displaying X-axis on the Left/Right and Y-axis on the Top/Bottom. You can mix types of the axis on the same chart and have unlimited customization as to how your data is scaled.

Chart Animations
Add beautiful animations to your Android charts.

SciChart Android features a flexible Chart Animations API. There are four basic Android chart animation types provided out of the box: Sweep Animation, Wave Animation, Scale Animation, and Fade Animation. Our demo application has all the animations types incorporated into the charts. You can download our example suit and run it yourself or get it from the Google Store.

Cursors & Tooltips
Our Android Charts feature rich cursors & tooltips out of the box, which are built on our powerful Chart Modifier API.

Choose from built-in Cursors, Crosshairs, Tooltips on Tap or Rollover (showing vertical lines) as well as Legends. Decide what information is presented in a tooltip. Style a tooltip to fit your application

Add Tooltips, Selection to 3D Charts
SciChart Android supports tooltips, data-point selection, series selection, Hit-test APIs and more so that you can get responsive feedback on tap and use our powerful APIs to see which series were interacted by the user.

Using SciChart Android 3D Charts you can create next-generation apps on the Android platform visualizing your data in 3-dimensions plus providing intuitive interaction via pinch, tap, drag, and pan.

Rich Touch Interaction
SciChart is built for Touch! Rich touch interaction allows you to drag to pan the chart, drag an axis to scale the chart, tap to view tooltips, pinch to zoom in/out and double-tap to reset zoom.

Custom actions are possible using our rich Chart Modifier API, where you can override gestures and create custom zooming, panning or feedback behaviours..

Annotations & Markers
Our Android Chart Library features a powerful Annotations API which allows you to overlay Line, Text, Boxes or watermarks over the chart, at specific data-point locations.

Custom annotations are possible to display custom markers or points of interest. SciChart supports draggable vertical/horizontal line annotations to mark thresholds or time stamps. All our annotations are optionally editable by the user.

Plot 3D Scientific Data
The 3D surface mesh chart type lets you plot data in 3-dimensions, enabling for the first time 3D scientific data to be plotted in Android or Xamarin applications.

Utilising our cross-platform Visual Xccelerator 3D engine you can plot scientific surface mesh charts in real-time with tens of thousands of cells on Android devices and embedded systems.

Plot 3D Point Clouds
Our 3D Scatter / Bubble and Point-cloud chart types allow you to plot 3-dimensional data with XYZ points.
For the first time, you can use our powerful SDK to visualize point-cloud outputs from LIDAR, UAV, self-driving car sensors, or plot the relationship between values in scientific, machine learning or statistical data with 3 or 4 (XYZ, Color) or 5 (XYZ, Color, Size) dimensions.

Axis TextFormatting / LabelProvider API
Allows full control over axis labels on an Android Chart. Not only text formatting but you can transform axis values into custom labels e.g. strings, prefix, suffix, scientific notation and more

PaletteProvider API
Allows customization of Android Chart series point color based on data value. E.g. if you want a column to be red if over a certain value? Or a scatter point to be Blue based on data-value?

Custom Series API
Allows drawing of completely custom Android Chart series using our RenderContext2D API for creation of chart types that SciChart does not yet include.

ChartModifier API
Allows creation of behaviour modifiers which can be attached to an Android chart. Handle touch interaction, update the chart data, custom zooming panning, custom tooltip actions? You can customize anything in SciChart with this rich, powerful API

Styling and Theming
SciChart's Android Chart Library ships with 8 stunning themes in a Theme Manager, which you can apply to your charts with a single line of code. Themes affect default cursor, zoom, axis, grid and series colors.

You may customize even further and create you own custom theme.

Per-Point Coloring
Our Android Chart Library features per-point coloring using the PaletteProvider API. By hooking into the PaletteProvider API you can return a data-point style or color based on the X,Y data-values.

Use this to color bars, columns, candlesticks, scatter-points or line segments that meet certain criteria, such as exceeding a threshold, or being a point of interest.

Many Axis Types
Our Android Charts feature many axis types out of the box, including Numeric Axis, Logarithmic Numeric Axis, Date Axis (all of which are value axis).

In addition, SciChart features Category Date Axis which allows displaying of stock chart or trading data while collapsing weekends or overnight gaps.

Link Multiple Charts
SciChart allows you to link multiple Android charts together so that they zoom, pan or display tooltips in unison.

This is useful to create complex dashboards where the output from several sensors, data-feeds or database tables can be displayed one above another with a common time-axis.

Financial/Stock Chart Features
SciChart is built for Scientific, Medical and Financial (Trading) apps, with first-class support for stock charts, including the Android Candlestick Chart type, the Android Ohlc chart type, Column, Mountain, Area and Line chart type.

The Category Date axis allows collapsing weekend and overnight gaps in trading data.

Our Android Charts support multiple panes and multiple series per chart, allowing you to create complex, multi pane stock chart applications with indicator panels, and even overlay buy/sell markers using our Annotations API.

Cross Platform Support
SciChart provides native, high performance chart controls on four platforms: Android (Java, Kotlin), iOS (Objective-C, Swift), Xamarin (C#), and Windows (WPF C#). For the best realtime charting component with cross platform support, choose SciChart. .

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