ExpressQuantumTreeList 1.2 Retail ActiveX

ExpressQuantumTreeList 1.2 Retail ActiveX
Xpress Quantom Tree List 1.2 Retail ActiveX

ExpressQuantumTreeList Suite is a multi-purpose data visualization system that can operate as a tree or a grid in both data aware and non-data aware modes. ExpressQuantumTreeList offers a unique synergy between a traditional grid and traditional tree-views allows you to create rich application interfaces for your users. ExpressQuantumTreeList includes a robust TreeList control, and a collection of over 34 standalone field editors. ExpressQuantumTreeList Suite Source Code available.

The hybrid nature of the QuantumTreeList Suite allows you to display information to end users in the form of a Tree or a List, or a combination of both. The QuantumTreeList places you in control of the development process and insures your ability to create function rich applications without writing a single line of source code. With ExpressQuantumTreeList Suite, you also get several standalone data editors, all of which were designed from ground up.

Below is a short list of the features and benefits available to you when using the ExpressQuantumTreeList Suite

Represent Self-Referencing (recursive) Data Relationships - With the ExpressQuantumTreeList Suite , you can represent any self-referenced data structure without hassles. In bound or un-bound mode
BDE Independence - You can use any TDataSet descendant to bind data to the QuantumDBTreeList
Flexible Display Formats - Whether you wish to display information to users in the form of a tree or a list, the QuantumTreeList gives you all the tools necessary to carry out the task
Automatic Sorting Against an Unlimited Number of TreeList Columns - Without writing a single line of code. You can finally do what has been so sorely needed in VCL Tree controls...SORT on the FLY against one or more columns without having to set the ORDER BY CLAUSE in your SQL or fussing with tables
Complete Banded/Stacked Column Support - The ExpressQuantumTreeList Suite lets you create banded columns to enhance the display of information to end-users at runtime
Automatic Runtime Column Selection - With the ExpressQuantumTreeList Suite , your end-user can customize (add or remove) visible TreeList columns as their needs dictate
Instant Runtime Summary Footers for All Nodes - You can create compelling Tree and List displays and allow your applications to become data-analysis and calculation tools without writing a single line of code
Several Cell and Standalone Data Editors
Resource Friendly In-Place Editors - With its powerful built-in field editors, the QuantumTreeList can meet all your data editing requirements
TreeList Footer - Using the TreeList Footer, you can automatically summarize any column values: Sum, Count, AVG, Min and Max
Fixed Bands and Columns - Easily fix TreeList columns and bands to the left or right side of the QuantumTreeList
Auto Preview Pane - Similar to MS Outlook
Incremental Auto-Search for Each TreeList Column - Your users can instantly locate any information displayed within individual TreeList columns
Full MS Intellimouse Support
Full Drag & Drop Support
Flicker Free Painting
Auto Width Feature - Automatically fit all displayed columns within the TreeList control to eliminate the horizontal scroll bar
Ultra-Efficient Resource Usage
Standard and Extended Multi-Select Support - CTRL and SHIFT Key
Full Custom Draw Events - Available for columns, cells, auto preview, and footers
LookAndFeel Property - Designed to help you control the painting style of the TreeList

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