DOCX to HTML Converter 4

DOCX to HTML Converter 4
DOCX to HTML Converter 4 | 4 Mb

DOCX to HTML Converter offers a simple and hassle free method of converting from DOCX to HTML format within your application. You will make just one function call to do the conversion. DOCX to HTML Converter DLL for NET, ASP .NET, C#, Win32, Win64, ASP, Visual Basic, VBSCRIPT, JSCRIPT, VB6, MFC, Delphi, Powerbuilder.

No other external components or programs are need when you use this converter. The converter includes a powerful DOCX parser used by our TE Edit Control product. It also includes a robust HTML parser used by our HTML Add-on product. This converter combines the functionality of TE Edit Control and HTML Add-on to offer a cost efficient, feature-rich and robust translator.

DOCX to HTML Conversion supports the following features:

Conversion from DOCX to HTML format.
Fonts, point-size, various character styles and colors.
Paragraph formatting features such as centering, justification, indentation, etc.
Support for PNG, JPEG, WMF, EMF, and WMF picture formats.
Embedded and linked graphics. The embedded graphics in the RTF files are automatically saved to disk with a link in the generated HTML file.
Table and nested tables.
Unicode support.
Right-to-left and mix text support.
Support for vertical text.

Code Output: The generated HTML code can be written to a disk file or it can be retrieved in a memory buffer.

Programming Interface: Your application simply uses function calls to do the conversion. The Win32 and Win64 versions include the function and constant declaration files for C/C++, Visual Basic and Delphi. The product is usable in any environment which allows for calling simple DLL functions.

The .NET version of this product is written using pure C# managed code. The .NET version can also be used within an ASP.NET server application.

New Features in Version 4.0

Support for local hyperlinks.
Enhancements to the list/bullet feature.
Support for style-linked paragraph numbering.
Support for additional style attributes.
Improved support for special characters.
Improved support for url parsing.
Improved table support.
Improved support for East European and UTF8 character sets.
Compatible with TE Edit Control, version 22.
Bug fixes and other enhancements.


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