TMS iCL v2.2.0.0 Full Source

TMS iCL v2.2.0.0 Full Source
TMS iCL v2.2.0.0 Full Source

No compromises: 100% iOS performance, 100% iOS look, 100% iOS feel components.

Take photos without going through the default camera application
Separate Initialization, Start and Stop process
Events to capture image data and stream
Popup version

Inherits from TTMSFMXNativeCameraViewController and adds the capability of capturing various types of codes (QR, EAN, DataMatrix, and many more ...)
Popup version

Manages the playback, fullscreen or inline, of a movie from a file or a network stream
Supports wireless movie playback to AirPlay-enabled hardware such as Apple TV
Supports picture in picture (iOS 9)
Optionally configure playback controls and video aspect ratio on resize


Preview, open, copy or print a file
Optionally specify additional information such as the file name and UTI for custom file types.
Helper methods to use in combination with other TMS iCL controls

Authentication via Touch ID
Requires a device that supports Touch ID
Built-in verification if authentication via Touch ID is possible

Access to full set of location sensor data on iOS devices
Monitoring of heading and location updates
Manage data via anonymous methods or events
Possibility to verify if the service is enabled and available
Separate service authorization and verification process

Monitoring of accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope data and device motion changes.
Manage data through anonymous methods or events
Possibility to verify if the sensor is supported

Monitoring of relative altitude and pressure changes
Manage data via anonymous methods or events
iOS 8 or later and requires a barometer sensor (iPhone 6)

Automatic peer management with popup browser
Various types (Integer, String, Boolean, Double, TMemoryStream) of data sending to one or multiple peers
Send multiple files to one or multiple peers
Retrieve connected peers and peer display names
Optional monitoring peer connection states
Various events for handling received data / files
Event for peer connection state and error logging

Access the iCloud document storage
Support for multiple containers
Add, delete and update documents
Asynchronous document handling
Various events to handle iCloud initialization and document changes
Capability to synchronize documents between iPod, iPhone, iPad and macOS applications

Create new and open existing PDF documents
Merge PDF documents
Support for images, various shapes and paths with strokes, solid and gradient fills
Plain and rich text support
Text flow in multiple columns
Overflow detection and calculation
Get or set PDF document information such as Author, Creator, Title,...
Owner and user password support
Numerous predefined page sizes
Optional page header and footer

Access to the iCloud key-value storage
Configurable automatic or manual synchronization of keys and values
Add, delete and update key events
Support for String, Integer, Boolean, Double and TMemoryStream
Capability to synchronize settings and data between iPod, iPhone, iPad and macOS applications

Native UICollectionView with sections and header, footer and items per section
Extremely versatile and flexible design via templates
Support for template controls with interaction possibilities
Built-in designtime editor for editing item, header and footer templates
Various events for additional customization
Single and multi-selection modes & optional indicators for selected items and configurable selected item style
Options for header, footer and item appearance
Ultrafast virtual data architecture
Horizontal & vertical scrolling mode
%100 native smooth & fast scrolling

Native UIActivityIndicatorView
Animated indicator

Native UITextView with full rich text editing capabilities
Support for editing Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikethrough, Subscript and Superscript
Support for editing Text foreground and background color
Support for editing Paragraphs, align left, right, center
Cut, Copy and Paste as rich and plain text
Support for adding URL's
Support for emoticons
Support for inserting bitmaps
Support for data detector types such as phone numbers and calendar events (iOS 7 or later)
Optional configurable context menu items
Export to HTML, RTF, RTFD and plain text (iOS 7 or later)
Export to memorystream

Native UIView with rich text view edit actions
Connect with a rich text view to codeless operation
Separate events for each action
Optional disable items

Native UIPopoverController with default 16 colors
Used in the rich text view toolbar
Separately available

Native UIPopoverController with support iOS font families
Used in the rich text view toolbar
Separately available

Native iOS tableview with sections and items
Item delete, move, editing
Single & multi selection modes
Built-in search or filter
Built-in lookup
Normal list mode or group mode support
Customizable item layout
Optional image per item
Customizable item height
Static or virtual mode capability
Built-in master/detail support functionality
Optional toolbar
Easy to create descendent classes with custom items/custom layout

Native iOS map view
Optional display of user location
Optional scroll/zoom
Programmatic get/set of map position in longitude/latitude
Programmatic get/set of map region
Overlay support: add circles, polylines and polygons
User tracking mode

Page Curl / Scroll transition style
Multiple pages with optional page control
Comes with PDF viewer control (TTMSFMXNativeUIPDFViewController)
Support for other controls

View to compose a post for social networking services like Twitter, Facebook, ...
Checks if a service account is set up and reachable before presenting this view to the user.
Generates notifications when the user is done composing a post

Embed web content in your application
Embed HTML content
Support for executing jаvascript code
Move back and forward in the history of webpages
In addition to HTML content, TTMSFMXNativeUIWebView can be used to display content types like Excel (.xls), Keynote (, Numbers (, Pages (, PDF (.pdf), Powerpoint (.ppt) and Word (.doc)

Manages the playback, fullscreen or inline, of a movie from a file or a network stream
Supports wireless movie playback to AirPlay-enabled hardware such as Apple TV
Generates notifications when move player begins, is paused, when AirPlay starts, when the scaling mode of the movie changes,...
Supports .mov, .mp4, .mpv, and .3gp

View controller that offers various services from your application to copy items to the pasteboard, post content to social media sites, send items via email or SMS,...

Compose a new message to a list of recipients
Message body
Event handling cancel, sent or failed result

Compose a new mail to a list of recipients
Support for To, Bcc and / or Cc recipients
Optional Plain text / HTML body
Optional Subject
Multiple file attachments
Event handling cancel, saved, sent or failed result

Popup with multiple actions (buttons)
Cancel / Destructive button title
Button list for additional buttons

Component to navigate to other pages
Push and pop functionality

Similar to TTMSFMXNativeUIView
Container for other TMS FMX Native iOS Controls
Comes with a PDF Drawing controller (TTMSFMXNativeUIPDFPageViewController)
Custom drawing

Full PDF viewer with Location property
Single PDF page drawing control
PageIndex and Location properties
Native iOS TabBarController
Multiple Tabs with text, image and badge value
Tab pages to display other TMS FMX Native iOS controls
Optionally disabled tabs

Native iOS popup controller
Used to popup a view over other controls
Programmatic show & hide of popup

Native iOS ImagePickerController
Allows displaying and picking from the photo album
Taking pictures / video's from the camera
Optional editing
Various additional camera properties
Automatic Conversion to TBitmap

Native iOS button
Can have image and/or text
Support for different native iOS button styles
Customizable font
Customizable tint
Single or multiline button text

Native iOS date/time picker or countdown timer
Date picker mode
Time picker mode
Countdown mode
Configurable countdown interval
Configurable min/max selectable date or time

Native iOS label
Configurable text
Configurable text & background color
Configurable multiline text mode

Native iOS pickerview control
Configurable number of columns to select values
Static mode or virtual mode for columns and column items
Event for virtual mode, event when column value changed
Programmatic setting of selected item per column

Native iOS scroll box
Smooth touch based scrolling
Optional vertical and/or horizontal scrollbar
Scroll can be limited in vertical or horizontal direction
Scroll can be with or without bounce

Native iOS search entry edit control
Optional search, cancel built-in buttons
Optional bookmark button

Native iOS segment control
Collection of segments with text and/or image per segment
Configurable iOS segment styles
Enabled state per segment

Native iOS slider control
Configurable min/max values
Configurable normal or continuous slide mode

Native iOS stepper control
Up/down control
Configurable min/max values
Configurable step value
Configurable normal or continuous step mode
Configurable step autorepeat

Native iOS edit control
Control over auto capitalization
Control over auto correction
Control over keyboard
Password or normal entry
Optional clear button
Control over border iOS style

Native iOS memo control
Control over auto capitalization
Control over auto correction
Control over keyboard

Native iOS toolbar
Toolbar with configurable toolbar controls
Configurable standard iOS toolbar system control types
Support for custom controls on toolbar
Configurable iOS style on toolbar control
Normal or translucent style

Wraps a FireMonkey form as view for use with other native iOS controls, like master/detail of tableview
Native iOS image view
Load image from URL
Face detection
Supports standard iOS image types TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, ICO, CUR, XBM

Full component list
100% native iOS components for FireMonkey applications for iPhone, iPad, iPod
TTMSFMXNativeUIRichTextView: Native UITextView with rich text editing capabilities
TTMSFMXNativeUIRichTextViewToolBar: Native UIView with rich text view edit actions
TTMSFMXNativeUIFontPicker: Native UIPopoverController with support iOS font families
TTMSFMXNativeUIColorPicker: Native UIPopoverController with default 16 colors
TTMSFMXNativeUIButton: Native iOS button
TTMSFMXNativeUISearchBar: Native iOS search entry edit control
TTMSFMXNativeUISlider: Native iOS slider control
TTMSFMXNativeUISwitch: Native iOS switch control
TTMSFMXNativeUITableView: Native iOS tableview with sections and items
TTMSFMXNativeUIToolBar: Native iOS toolbar
TTMSFMXNativeUIPickerView: Native iOS pickerview control
TTMSFMXNativeUIDatePicker: Native iOS date/time picker or countdown timer
TTMSFMXNativeUITextView: Native iOS memo control
TTMSFMXNativeUILabel: Native iOS label
TTMSFMXNativeUIScrollView: Native iOS scroll box
TTMSFMXNativeUIProgressView: Native iOS progress indicator
TTMSFMXNativeUISegmentedControl: Native iOS segment control
TTMSFMXNativeUIStepper: Native iOS stepper control
TTMSFMXNativeUITextField: Native iOS edit control
TTMSFMXNativeMKMapView: Native iOS map view
TTMSFMXNativeFMXWrapper: Wrapper component to display a separate form as a subview of other native iOS controls
TTMSFMXNativeUIImageView: Native iOS image view
TTMSFMXNativeUIPopoverController: Native iOS popup controller
TTMSFMXNativeUIView: Native iOS view
TTMSFMXNativeUITabBarController: Native iOS TabBarController
TTMSFMXNativeUIImagePickerController: Native iOS ImagePickerController
TTMSFMXNativeMFMessageComposeViewController: Native iOS Message compose viewcontroller
TTMSFMXNativeMFMailComposeViewController: Native iOS Mail compose viewcontroller
TTMSFMXNativeUIActionSheet: Native iOS actionsheet
TTMSFMXNativeUINavigationController: Native iOS navigationcontroller
TTMSFMXNativeUIViewController: Native iOS viewcontroller
TTMSFMXNativeUIPageViewController: Native iOS pageviewcontroller
TTMSFMXNativeUIPDFViewController: Native iOS single PDF page drawing view
TTMSFMXNativeUIPDFPageViewController: Native iOS PDF viewer
TTMSFMXNativeUIWebView: Native iOS WebView
TTMSFMXNativeMPMoviePlayerController: Native iOS movie player
TTMSFMXNativeSLComposeViewController: Native iOS view to compose a post for supported social networking services
TTMSFMXNativeUIActivityViewController: Native iOS view controller
TTMSFMXNativeUIActivityIndicatorView: Native iOS waiting indicator view
TTMSFMXNativeUICollectionView: Native iOS collectionview with sections and header, footer and items per section
TTMSFMXNativeMultipeerConnectivity: Native iOS peer to peer connectivity component
TTMSFMXNativeCLLocationManager: Native iOS location and heading monitoring component
TTMSFMXNativeCMMotionManager: Native iOS monitoring component of gyroscope, magnetometer, accelerometer data changes and device motion updates
TTMSFMXNativeCMAltimeter: Native iOS component that monitors changes in relative altitude
TTMSFMXNativeLocalAuthentication: Native iOS component for authentication via Touch ID
TTMSFMXNativeAVPlayerViewController: Native iOS component to display the video content of an AVPlayer object
TTMSFMXNativeCameraViewController: Stand-alone component to access the camera
TTMSFMXNativeBarCodeScanner: Stand-alone component to scan various types of bar codes
Includes various demos and an extensive PDF developers guide

Starting from TMS iCL version 1.2, you will encounter linker errors when deploying to the device. To fix these linker errors, you will need to add a set of Framework references that are essential to correctly build and link your application. How this is done is explained in the documentation in the 'Frameworks' section. If you already have added frameworks in an earlier version then you can refer to the table below:
Framework Path
ImageIO $(SDKROOT)/System/Library/Frameworks
MessageUI $(SDKROOT)/System/Library/Frameworks
MobileCoreServices $(SDKROOT)/System/Library/Frameworks
MapKit $(SDKROOT)/System/Library/Frameworks
Social $(SDKROOT)/System/Library/Frameworks
WebKit $(SDKROOT)/System/Library/Frameworks
MultipeerConnectivity $(SDKROOT)/System/Library/Frameworks
CoreMotion $(SDKROOT)/System/Library/Frameworks
LocalAuthentication (iOS 8 or later) $(SDKROOT)/System/Library/Frameworks
AVKit (iOS 8 or later) $(SDKROOT)/System/Library/Frameworks

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