CoffeeCup Visual Site Designer 7.0.26 Retail

CoffeeCup Visual Site Designer 7.0.26 Retail
CoffeeCup Visual Site Designer 7.0.26 Retail | 24 Mb

Web design shouldn’t be overwhelming. In fact, it can actually be—wait for it—fun. With that in mind, we crafted Visual Site Designer, quite possibly the easiest-to-use web design app in the known universe. It’s entirely WYSIWYG, which means you don’t have to touch HTML to create an eye-popping website (unless you really want to). Just build your site exactly the way you want it using tools that take care of all the hard stuff for you.

Visual Site Designer comes with 10 professionally designed website themes. We know what you’re thinking: Aren’t most predefined website templates dull? Not ours. These designs look unique and give your site a trendy, modern feel that fits almost any website. And if you’re looking for more variety, check out our Theme Store for even more amazing designs.

A full suite of web design tools is included, so adjusting a theme to your specific needs is a breeze. This is web design software the way it was meant to be.

Spawn text and graphics with a click of a button and drag them into place. Now you're ready to flex your creativity.

Use any font installed on your computer in any color, style, and size to get the perfect text you’ve been looking for. Choose from 20 shapes to draw circles, squares, arrows, stars, and more, then stretch, resize, rotate, and flip them at will. You don’t have to be a design pro to create pro designs.

You’ve created your content; now you can use amazing effects for a special touch that really wows your audience.

Add effects like shadow, glow, and bevel. Fill your objects or background with a picture or gradient. Select any color in the rainbow with our sophisticated color picker, or use choose any color in the workspace. Guides and grids take the guesswork out of placing page elements. With all these tools and so many more, you’re fully equipped to create a professional website.

Websites work best when they're easy to navigate. We’ve made it easier than ever to create excellent links by using the Buttonize tool. Just select the content you want to turn into a button, click the Buttonize toolbar icon, add a link, and you’re done.

There are a bunch of other options, too. Add text to clearly describe what the button does or where it goes. Configure mouseover options so the button highlights when the cursor is placed over it. You can even save and recall designs later for use in other website projects.

If the thought of page after page of indecipherable code is enough to make you want to run screaming to the hills, no worries—Visual Site Designer has you covered. This easy-to-use WYSIWYG program has all the tools you need to create a gorgeous, fully functional website, even if you’re a beginner.

However, if you have a chunk of code you need to paste, or want to get hardcore, you have that freedom, too. We made the HTML Tool so you can insert your own markup.

It takes just one click to put your website online—Visual Site Designer takes care of the rest for you. Because the upload happens right from inside the app, you can be sure that every file publishes to exactly the right place, practically eliminating the hassle of broken links and missing images. You can publish your entire website or simply the changes just you’ve made.

Both uploading options give you the same security of knowing your files are in the right place. You’ll sleep soundly knowing that your published pages will always work.

You need a place for your website to live, and there’s no better home than CoffeeCup’s own web platform. Uploading to our servers from VSD is as easy as signing into our website. And with affordable rates, reliable servers, tons of space, and a whole spectrum of features and tools, you’ll find that hosting with us keeps your creativity in tune and your headaches away.

We don’t hold hostages, either. If you feel you need to take your content somewhere else, migrating your website is a simple process (but you won’t want to!)


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