Database Application Builder Business Edition


Database Application Builder Business Edition | 3 Mb

Database applications let users interact with information that is stored in databases. Databases provide structure for the information, and allow it to be shared among different applications. Database Application Builder provides support for relational database applications. Relational databases organize information into tables, which contain rows (records) and columns (fields). These tables can be manipulated by simple operations known as the relational calculus.


Infragistics Ultimate 2017.1 With Samples And Help Retail


Infragistics Ultimate 2017.1 With Samples And Help Retail | 2.25 Gb

UI controls & productivity tools for quickly building high-performance web, mobile, and desktop apps. Build high-performing, responsive web applications in javascript/HTML5. Works with Angular, React, and other popular frameworks. Build Angular apps with the native Angular components in Ignite UI for Angular. Includes ASP.NET MVC server-side wrappers.



ActiveX / Delphi / Microsoft.net

Themida | 33 Mb

WinLicense combines the same protection-level as Themida with the power of advanced license control, offering the most powerful and flexible technology that allows developers to securely distribute trial and registered versions of their applications. WinLicense is a powerful protection system designed for software developers who wish to protect their applications against advanced reverse-engineering and software cracking. Developers do not need any source code changes or programming experience to protect their applications with WinLicense.


BOTCHIEF EDITOR Developer Edition


BOTCHIEF EDITOR Developer Edition | 48 Mb

Anything you do online can be automated with BotChief such as account register, content scraper and article submit etc. It will help you to collect and analyze information, synchronize online accounts, upload and download data, finish any other job that you might do in a web browser, and beyond.

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