Devart dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL v2.1.97

Devart dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL v2.1.97
Devart dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL v2.1.97

dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL is a GUI tool for database development and management. The IDE for PostgreSQL allows users to create, develop, and execute queries, edit and adjust the code to their requirements in a convenient and user-friendly interface.

The tool also provides functionality for PostgreSQL data reporting, data editing, data import and export, building pivot tables and master-detail relations.

SQL Development
Save your time and improve code quality when creating and editing queries with the following features:

List Members
Parameter Info
Quick Info
Complete Word

Database Explorer
Navigate through the object tree and find any PostgreSQL object you are interested in. Right-click the required object in the Database Explorer window to perform the following tasks:

Retrieve data from the database on a single SQL document
Truncate a table
Select Properties to view information on the object

Data Editor
Editing table data becomes a simple task with dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL. You can manage settings of tables, such as adjust column width, set either paginal or auto-search mode by default. Color and format your rows and cells using a rich set of fonts and size. Additionally, the tool provides you with predefined data type formats so that you can select the most suitable for your needs.

Query Profiler
This visual PostgreSQL query analyzer helps locating bottlenecks and tune performance of slow SQL queries. The profiling results are neatly displayed in several tabs, providing the following profiling dаta:

Plan Tree of query execution
Diagram of query execution with the cost of all operations as a percentage of the total batch cost
List of top operations taking place on the server
Execution plan in the XML format

Data Export and Data Import
Crucial tools for filling a database with external source data and migrating data between systems. dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL supports 10+ widely used data formats, a number of advanced options, and templates for recurring scenarios.

10+ file format support, including Google Sheets
Flexible data import and export customization
Handy wizards for data export and import

Pivot Table
Using this tool, you don't need to go into PostgreSQL subtleties to group and summarize your data. Visual Pivot Table Designer, advanced filtering, visual data presentation in a graph make your data easier to read, understand, and analyze.

Visual Pivot Table Designer
Advanced filtering
Visual data presentation in a graph

Master-Detail Browser
A tool for a simultaneous data view in related tables. It is also convenient for the express data analysis and locating specific records and logical errors in the database. Visual diagram helps setting up communications in a few seconds and go directly to view.

Design View for setting up relations between tables
Data View for handy display of results

Data Reports
PostgreSQL Report Builder with support for chart plotting converts your data into a good-looking report. This PostgreSQL management tool also allows you to build visual PostgreSQL data reports in 9 different formats.

Data Report Wizard
Report Designer
Chart Designer

2.1.97 06-May-19
New features

Connectivity Support for Greenplum DB
Query Profiler functionality
Improved features

Code Completion
Database Explorer
Execute Large Script wizard
User reported bugs fixed

Problem with connection to database is fixed (T273168)
Problem with highlighting keywords is fixed (T272218)
Problem with supporting unicode characters is fixed (T276532)
Problem with data importing from Excel is fixed (T274766)
Problem with editing connection category is fixed (T272243)
Problem with displaying databases is fixed (T252288)
Other user reported bugs are fixed (T247464, T271986, T271985, T277736)

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